Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election 2008

To paraphrase Yul Brenner: So let it be written, So let it be done.

Barack Obama is now the President Elect. As a realist, I will support him as President. I am not saying that I approve of his policy ideals as they are revealed today. Nor am I intending to give him a pass or a honeymoon. But I recognise the magnitude of the effort and achievement. And for whatever it is worth I offer personal congratulations.

He gets a grace period until January. Then he becomes the dog that finally caught the car he'd been chasing down the street. The question is what this dog is going to do with the car now?

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Into the Home Stretch

And their off! Rounding the final turn and moving into the final stretch our two horses are sweating profusely and straining to be the one that crosses the line ahead of the other. The jockeys are making final corrections to both animals and ensuring that they will look good no matter what.

There is a controversy, a race fan (rooting for a different horse) has asked the commission to stop the race because he thinks that one of the horses isn't a true American thoroughbred. The Commission rejected his first appeal. He is still in there swinging however as yet another commission has been contacted.

Race fans over the nation have been looking closely at the horses but appear weary of the race. Many have already placed their bets nationwide in advance of the official opening of the betting windows next Tuesday.

No matter how it goes folks, this has been one heck of a race. See you at the finish line.