Monday, March 22, 2010

Way To Go Randy Neugebauer.

Randy Neugebauer allowed the bile to come on up and shouted "Baby Killer" on the house floor. The Congressman did a small amount of tap dancing to make nice with all the powers that be. Personally, I think he did the right thing. All the tact, decorum, and Riverdance quality waffling is making liars of us all.

So, Mr. Neugebauer, well done for openly articulating your exact feelings in a manly, honest, and take-no-prisoners manner. We get that later you had to unruffle a feather or two in the end.

Today I got seven emails that essentially tried to tell me that we lost a battle but the war goes on. And of course each offered me a shot at donating to the cause.

My battle plan is simple. I am going to compile a hit list of the Texas representatives that voted for this abomination. And I will work diligently to see to it they are tossed out on their tail ends. The next set of folks I will support are states rights advocates at the state level. It's time for the Governor to send a tenth amendment letter to the President.

More to come in the next few days.

For now, Good Job Randy

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

House passes healthcare overhaul -

The hammer has fallen. An extinction level event has struck American health care. The reform package has passed and likely will be signed into law soon. What else can go wrong? Well, watch your tax bill over the next three years. If you already have health care you like.... watch it as well.

There can be no retreat and there must be no surrender. My grand children cannot be made to pay for this. Immediately make a list of those that voted for this bill. The closer they are to you physically, the better equipped you will be to cross the district lines and support their opponents. It's time to ensure they are out of job as soon as possible.

Write the President. Be sure that he understands you ire. Be sure he understands that you will not only vote against his reelection, but you will actively work on behalf of his opponent.

Take notes when you seek medical care. AS soon as something doesn't go your way link it definitively to the new legislation and sue the government. Find a shark lawyer who's mantra is "greed is good". Offer him or her a hefty percentage and then attack.

The auto industry...
The Banking and Housing industries...

Now health care.
How long before the trains start to run on time?

House passes healthcare overhaul -

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Time Is Running Out For The Health Care Reform Bill Vote

As we move inexorably to the meatloaf on Sundays dinner hour, the friends and neighbors you sent to congress are still playing games with our grand kids future. Read the story linked below and see the timeline and process before the vote.

Have you done everything you can? Did you write your Congressman with a logical letter explaining the reasons why health care reform isn't going to work? Did you remind him/her that the paragons of so-called universal health care all come to America for the really dicey moments? Have you followed it up with a phone call expressing your opinion of his or her stated position with a reminder that you were watching the vote? IF your member is opposing health care reform I hope you bolstered their resolve. Just as supporters of the health care reform bill should be warned that they will be out of a job if they go through with casting a vote to create anti-Constitutional law.

Call the offices of key Democrats and warn them that even though you are not a constituent, they are making decision that affect you. Thus, it is an act of war and you will be happy to work for their defeat as well.....

Finally. Are you prepared to go to court? Remember, all law is considered constitutional until challenged and overturned by the Supreme Court. If you are among those who will gain standing, be ready. If the so-called health care reform passes the fight isn't over, merely harder.

There can be no retreat and no surrender.

44 - What time is the health-care vote? And other critical questions.

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Health care latest: Dems still chasing votes -

And their off!! It's the final push as the Democrats try to takeover the health care system. Only 216 of your friends and neighbors are needed to permanently raise your taxes, lower the quality of your lives, institute health care rationing down the road, and spend just under a trillion dollars.

Now is the time to call (it's too late to write) your reps. Remind them that the poster kids for government owned health care, Canada, still cross the border to talk to the doc. I hope your grandkids are healthy,

for the next sixty years at least.

Health care latest: Dems still chasing votes -

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Health Care Reform Bill Vote Looming

My friends, tomorrow, 3/21/2010, is the day that everyone has to get it on or get out of town. It has been years in the making. Mr. Obama is using the bully pulpit for all that it is worth and exhorting the masses into battle.

President Obama, in an extraordinary session with the Democratic caucus just a day before a climactic vote on major health care legislation, made a forceful case for health care reform on both policy and political grounds.

In closing his remarks to House Democrats, Mr. Obama told them they were on the verge of making history.

“You have a chance to make good on the promises you made,” Mr. Obama said. “This is one of those moments. This is one of those times where you can honestly say to yourself: ‘Doggone it, this is exactly why I came here. This is why I got into politics. This is why I got into public service. This is why I made these sacrifices.’ ”

That's a great quote. But, great legislation isn't made on great quotes. Health care reform is heavily invested in misdirection, special interests, and outright political maneuvering. Todays last ditch effort by the majority party and thier various cheering sections show that the health care reform bill isn't a shoe in.

Instead, everyone is pulling out the stops and coming out from behind the curtains to expose themselves. Rather than work in smoke filled rooms, they are making open frontal assaults in an effort to influence the outcome. So, today is the day to look into them and call your representative.

How do you do that? Your first step is to go to the house website and click your state. From there as you see in this snapshot of the Texas page, you will see a list of your guys. Click your guy and you will know his or her position. If they are opposed to so-called health care reform, then send them a message of support. If they are for the health care reform bill then send them logical reasons why they must oppose it.

Remember that your taxes, your personal liberties, your states' status as an individual and unique entity, your federal governments size and reach, and your very health are at stake.

Move to the sounds of the guns. It is time to engage in a decisive battle. Contact your representatives and urge failure of the health care reform bill.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fed to Increase Its Power to Regulate Banks and Calls For 20 Billion Promising Internet For All

Do you remember the bailouts? Maybe the term 'recession' has a special meaning for you? How about Barney Frank and the housing crisis? The keyword here is 'regulation'. It's not enough that April 15, AKA political corruption payday, is approaching fast. Instead we have to seize ever more regulatory power. Don't take my word for it. Our friends at Reuters will tell you the story. Remember, these are the guys who blew it with housing and allowed a union to take co-ownership of a car company. Yeah, I trust these guys about as far as they can be thrown.

(Reuters) - The Federal Reserve would win sweeping new powers over nonbank financial firms and keep much of its authority over banks, under revised legislation to be unveiled on Monday by the chief architect of financial reform in the Senate

Fed gets new oversight powers under Dodd bill | Reuters

And, since we have nothing better to do, there's the matter of how to spend in excess of twenty billion dollars. Maybe a payment on the interest of the national debt? Uh No. And don't look for anything even remotely constitutional either.

Folks, we have decided that universal access to the internet is a fundamental right and is worth over $20,000,000,000. Yep. Let's not worry about literacy or anything like that. Let's not put it into health care for our nations veterans. Instead we want to be double sure that everyone has equal access to internet porn amongst other things.

(Reuters) - U.S. regulators will announce a major Internet policy this week to revolutionize how Americans communicate and play, proposing a dramatic increase in broadband speeds that could let people download a high-definition film in minutes instead of hours.

Dramatically increasing Internet speeds to 25 times the current average is one of the myriad goals to be unveiled in the National Broadband Plan by the the Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday.

U.S. to roll out major broadband policy | Reuters
Further into the story is the hook that better scare you off of this:

Officials have said the plan will ask Congress to fund up to $16 billion to build an emergency public safety system.

It would also tell lawmakers that a one-time injection of $9 billion could accelerate broadband reach to the 4 percent of Americans who do have access. Otherwise they could let the FCC carry out a 10-year plan to realign an $8 billion U.S. subsidy program for universal broadband access instead of universal phone access.
The biggest questions on my mind are why we will spend this kind of money when we don't need to. The internet isn't critical infrastructure. And, technology of all sorts is so competitive that growth and improvement are virtually assured. Nope, this smacks of political payback to a big campaign donor.

Now's the time to organize a call in to your reps and senators. Or, just let it happen.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Where There Is Smoke, There is ... Vapor?

Hey folks and welcome back. Mr. Peabody, fire up the wayback machine and let's go back to the 1970's. Back in the seventies I was your basic teenager; wild, and stupid. One of the things I learned how to do was smoke cigarettes. Now a few years later I realize that is just about as smart as using concertina wire as dental floss. Don't get me wrong. I truly enjoy smoking. I like the ritual, the social aspect, the taste, etc. But, I realize that the health risks to myself and more importantly to the people around me are huge. So, I decided to quit. Heck it was easy. I managed to quit 15 times over twenty years .

Well I found a new way to feed the need. I've got this thing called an electronic cigarette, e-cig or PV (personal vaporizer) for short. It's a battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge that contains liquefied nicotine. Take a nice long drag and feel the throat hit and lungs expand. Savor the taste. Exhale, and you blow water vapor the looks like smoke. No tobacco, no added chemicals like arsenic, no odor, no sidestream or second-hand smoke, and no dangers to passersby. I have a wife who used to smoke, and kids who've never smoked. None of them were shy at telling me how bad it stunk up the house. And so far all of them think I did the right thing. By the way, I've been tobacco free for almost a month now. I can feel the changes in my body from not inhaling a few thousand chemicals. I'm still addicted to nicotine, but I am convinced that I am better off.

Oh, and did I mention that while the up front cost is sorta steep in the long term it pays for itself in savings? Talk about being a realist. Money talks. Taxation of tobacco is a big revenue generator at all levels of the government. So, what do you think they are going to do about this new phenomenon?

Enter the Food and Drug Administration. These people are not elected. Instead they are appointed and get to make regulations within the very general guidelines provided by the actual law. But make no mistake, these regulations have the effect of law even if the Congress never voted on it.

Right now the FDA stands poised to jump in one of two directions. They can classify e-cigs as a tobacco product and regulate it that way or they can call it a drug delivery device. If they call e-cigs a device they can ban them outright.

I personally couldn't care less what you do in your personal life and your personal time as long as you don't hurt anyone. And, I strongly feel that the .gov has no business in that realm either. And I do get a little bit upset when the government tries to tell people how to live their lives. So if you want to walk down the street butt naked smokin a big ol stogie and a carrying a samauri sword..... go for it. Just don't infringe on others rights when you do.

You need to be aware that the reality of today's government is that the politicians (crooks and liars for the most part), are the ones enabling the bureaucrats. They do this to appease the various lobbies that keep the cash on tap.

If you believe that everyone has the right to live their lives as they see fit without government interference, you might need to watch this issue. If you believe that lifestyle choices (think gay-rights for example) are your choices and not subject to government approval, you might need to watch this issue.

This blog is about facing reality. FTFGIMAD stands for face the facts, get involved, make a difference. So, how can we do that and keep it real? The answer is to challenge everything that has the potential to encroach on your personal liberties. I respect a non-smokers right to breathe clean air. So, I support regulating smoking in a way that preserves smokers and non-smokers rights. I don't support potential adverse regulation, taxation, or outright banning of a device that has the potential to be a healthier alternative to tobacco. And, my elected reps from the mayor to the president have heard from me on this issue.

You may be wondering why I am on a soapbox over an electronic cigarette when there are high profile issues dominating the news. Part of it is my own self-interest to be sure. But, the bigger part is that it's not always the obvious civil liberties contained in the Bill of Rights that are stolen. Sometimes they sneak around the edges and just whittle 'em away from other folks. They figure you won't care about other peoples rights as long as yours are left alone. That might work, for now.

Here are some links that discuss this issue. Remember the WIIFM principle. What's In It For Me? Tax Revenue? Protection of Big Tobbacco companies? Or is it just a government that has decided you can't be trusted to live your own life? You decide.

From Wikipiedia
Smoking Everywhere V. FDA
Oregon AG moves to block 'E-cigarette' sales
Debate continues over e-cigarettes | Jackson County Floridan
FDA and Public Health Experts Warn About Electronic Cigarettes

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Sunday, March 07, 2010

John Murtha: Rest In Peace

I didn't like John Murtha. I never met him personally but I followed his political career with interest since he was a fellow Marine. I could not equate the training and experience he had with his blatantly liberal political positions. I could not understand how a veteran could openly slander other combatants without benefit of a trial. I sent him a letter that reminded him of his status as a Marine Officer and called him out. And while I didn't like his politics, his actions as a veteran and contributions in that area are above reproach.

In 1952 John P. Murtha joined the Marines. During his career he was a drill instructor, an S2 Officer, and a volunteer for combat in Vietnam. He earned a Bronze Star for gallantry in action, two Purple Hearts for wounds received in action, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. He retired from the Marine Corps Reserve as a Colonel In 1990, and was awarded the Navy Distinguished Service Medal.

Being a Realist means that you must face both sides of any issue and acknolege the good, the bad, and the ugly. So even though I disagreed with Congressman Murtha, I would like to extend my genuine condolences to the the Murtha family.

Rest in Peace Colonel Murtha.
Semper Fidelis.

John Murtha memorialized in Capitol - Marin Cogan - "Under marble and cast bronze statues of titans from 50 states, Pennsylvanians and politicians said goodbye to one of their own, in a memorial service remembering John P. Murtha, who died last month from complications from gall bladder surgery.

In a ceremony in Statuary Hall, Vice President Joe Biden, National Security Adviser Jim Jones, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined representatives of Congress, who remembered the late chairman of the defense appropriations subcommittee as 'a great legislator, a courageous soldier, and a public servant to the end,' as Pelosi put it."
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Charlie Rangel Steps Down Before He Can Be Fired

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. And, considering who is in command of the Congress these days you have to be amazed that Charlie Rangel felt enough heat to step down from his lofty perch as the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. If you remember last weeks blog post about the one that got away, we compared the House Ethics Committee to prisoners being in charge of the Parole Board. All along I've maintained that every elected official is either a crook or a liar. Since it's only a matter of degree I have to wonder what else they had on the Hon. Mr. Rangel.

And, let's be real, if you are going to chair the committee that is responsible for all things tax related you had best be spot on with your own taxes. Rangel wasn't, and so last week he stepped down rather than be pulled down like a statue of Saddam Hussein. For a bit more, and a look at the guy who replaced him, check this out.

David S. Broder - The daring Charlie Rangel -

"This is not the way Sandy Levin would have wanted it.

The Michigan Democrat became acting chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee last week after its former chairman, Charlie Rangel of New York, stepped down -- temporarily, he says -- because he was censured by the House ethics committee for going on a corporate-financed junket." ....
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