Friday, February 17, 2017

On Bearing and Trump

Bearing.It's one of the Leadership Traits as taught to Marines. Bearing is how you present yourself. When you walk into a room your presence should fill it. Bearing means that you exude the qualities people look for in a leader. In a military leader it is the qualities that help to get your people to follow you into places that sane people steer clear of. In a political leader it means projecting honesty, empathy, wisdom, and the ability to get things done with subtle charm. Bearing can also be acting. Just because you come across as a nice guy without a dishonest bone in your body doesn't mean you are. The world is full of snake charmers who convinced others in hundreds of intangible ways that they were the real deal.

What did Bearing have to do with the recent election? How about now? How is President Trump's Bearing helping or hurting him? During the election he projected exactly the persona needed to bring the apathetic and marginalized out to vote and shockingly derail the Clinton's manifest destiny. Even if you don't like Trump, I don't, if you opposed her then it was a thing of beauty. 

But now the President is displaying the same #Snoflake bearing that spoiled, thin skinned, and overly protected college kids are projecting. If you are critical of him then you can stand by to be assaulted by him personally on Twitter. So, if you think that today's liberals are a bunch of whining losers who need to grow the hell up ... you better think that of the President as well.

Now is the time for him to excoriate his opponents and visciously remind the media that they are there to report the news without bias. He should embark on a scorched earth, take-no-prisoners, diatribe to point out everything he will be working to dismantle, destroy, or improve. Let his supporters see it and revel in it. Then he should tell those supporters that it is time to shift gears. It is time to extend the hand of friendship to the utterly defeated foe and give them an opportunity to grow up and get on board with (his words) making America great again.

In short it is time for President Trump to become Presidential. It is time to take his strategic plan and implement it using tactics that will work. Because even if you believe in him (and I don't) he is not going to be effective if he continues to act like the spoiled little college brats that are rioting because they are not getting their way.

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