Monday, September 12, 2011

Twitter drama over the #fairtax

Twitter is a huge success. Like Facebook, it is something I am coming to late in the game. So far I am not addicted to it as others are.

I've laughed at others for "facebook drama" and "twitter drama". And now, wonder of wonders, I have a mild Twitter drama thing going on. Everyone knows that I am pro-fairtax. Well there is a Fairtax denier on twitter named @filmcriticone that has gone to considerable effort to debunk what he thinks are issues with the Fairtax.

Personally I could care less as long as there is a discussion. But our boy also likes to send out what he or she thinks are witty attacks. Check out the posts. Normally, such childishness is best ignored. But, since this person wants to be a bully, it might be best to slap him around a bit just so he knows that he isn't blocked and actually has an audience of one.

If you are interested in the other side, look him up on youtube. I think his other professional screen name is itchyfoot or something like that. He purports to've submitted stuff to the Ways and Means Committee as "testimony". If so, I'm not sure that he has the good sense to realize how embarrassed he should be.

His major points seem to be culled from "Fairtax Documents" as opposed to the actual line-by-line legislation. Here's a clue. Make every objection based on chapter and verse of the actual legislation as opposed to a private lobby group and you might gain a speck of credibility. Until then, you are shooting badly and at the wrong target.

9-11 And the Politics Of Terror

What did we learn? According to Ron Paul, 9/11 was in part caused by US actions in and around the mideast in years or decades past. Ok, I can see that. Everything has a cause and the domino effect is in full force.

But, with respect to Mr. Paul, the terrorists made war on women and kids instead of being men and slugging it out eye-to-eye. So, I feel no remorse for their dead. Maybe I am wrong and maybe I am less human. So what. As far as I am concerned our nation must not treat with terrorists. We must instead hunt them down and kill them all. I don't care if it is with special ops guys or infantry division on-line. If you cannot negotiate (diplomacy) or fight like men, then you deserve no more or less than to be hunted like a rabid animal and put down.

Ten years and one day later I am hoping that the radical elements of the world will realize that this is only a prelude. There will come a day when America will no longer take the high road and conduct ourselves will such restraint. I hope that for the sake of everyone's children, people learn to respect each other. Live and let live is a pretty good philosophy as long as we are shaking hands with a mailed fist.

So, to paraphrase a recently famous Marine: "Be courteous and kind, and have a plan to kill everyone you meet."

Friday, September 09, 2011

Starving Dogs: Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Jon Huntsman, and Michelle Bachman

The debate sucked. The moderators obviously were not interested in hearing all the candidates speak. If you were not Rick Perry or Mitt Romney then you might as well have been a starving dog at the back of the diner hoping for scraps.

I want a debate where every candidate gets an equal amount of time to either shine or make a fool of themselves. I want the journalists (lol) neutral and simply asking the questions. They can commentate afterwards on the various spin shows. I want the questions taken from real voters via facebook or twitter and not the recent soundbites.

Most of all I want the debates held often enough that even the most apathetic voter has no excuse for not knowing what's going on.  

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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Rock em Sock em Radio Hosts

The world has fallen victim to bizzaro-itis. Two of my favorite radio talk show hosts, Mark Levin and Mike Church, have gone to war over Ron Paul. And, I don't get it.

I used to listen to both on a daily basis. I have read every one of Marks books and learned a lot. I followed Mikes' historical docudramas (is that a word?) regarding our founding with unabashed enthusiasm. And now, they are at war. Just google both names in the same search and then read all about it.

This is profound. These are not slippery politicians here. Both men are Patriotic Americans. Both men are truly gifted entertainers who provide an educational service if you read between the lines. I respect Mark the most for his practical experience in government. I respect Mike the most for his outstanding use of comedy, music, drama, and satire to educate those willing to listen.

I don't agree 100% with either one of them. But I agree with enough of each that I cannot fathom why, at a fundamental level, they are not simpatico. Hopefully in a day or two this will be revealed as a very detailed hoax. Might as well hope for honest politicians while I'm at it eh?

Alright guys, it's time to face off directly instead of by proxy and duke it out. Get it out of your systems and get back to the business of educating the occasional listener who wanders in from outside the fold. Each one of those listeners will be key to defeating the coalition of the stupid that is killing my country.