Monday, September 12, 2011

9-11 And the Politics Of Terror

What did we learn? According to Ron Paul, 9/11 was in part caused by US actions in and around the mideast in years or decades past. Ok, I can see that. Everything has a cause and the domino effect is in full force.

But, with respect to Mr. Paul, the terrorists made war on women and kids instead of being men and slugging it out eye-to-eye. So, I feel no remorse for their dead. Maybe I am wrong and maybe I am less human. So what. As far as I am concerned our nation must not treat with terrorists. We must instead hunt them down and kill them all. I don't care if it is with special ops guys or infantry division on-line. If you cannot negotiate (diplomacy) or fight like men, then you deserve no more or less than to be hunted like a rabid animal and put down.

Ten years and one day later I am hoping that the radical elements of the world will realize that this is only a prelude. There will come a day when America will no longer take the high road and conduct ourselves will such restraint. I hope that for the sake of everyone's children, people learn to respect each other. Live and let live is a pretty good philosophy as long as we are shaking hands with a mailed fist.

So, to paraphrase a recently famous Marine: "Be courteous and kind, and have a plan to kill everyone you meet."

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