Monday, September 12, 2011

Twitter drama over the #fairtax

Twitter is a huge success. Like Facebook, it is something I am coming to late in the game. So far I am not addicted to it as others are.

I've laughed at others for "facebook drama" and "twitter drama". And now, wonder of wonders, I have a mild Twitter drama thing going on. Everyone knows that I am pro-fairtax. Well there is a Fairtax denier on twitter named @filmcriticone that has gone to considerable effort to debunk what he thinks are issues with the Fairtax.

Personally I could care less as long as there is a discussion. But our boy also likes to send out what he or she thinks are witty attacks. Check out the posts. Normally, such childishness is best ignored. But, since this person wants to be a bully, it might be best to slap him around a bit just so he knows that he isn't blocked and actually has an audience of one.

If you are interested in the other side, look him up on youtube. I think his other professional screen name is itchyfoot or something like that. He purports to've submitted stuff to the Ways and Means Committee as "testimony". If so, I'm not sure that he has the good sense to realize how embarrassed he should be.

His major points seem to be culled from "Fairtax Documents" as opposed to the actual line-by-line legislation. Here's a clue. Make every objection based on chapter and verse of the actual legislation as opposed to a private lobby group and you might gain a speck of credibility. Until then, you are shooting badly and at the wrong target.

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