Saturday, October 08, 2011

Banking and Politics: Why Obama Might Win Again

On TV there is an advertisement that is poking fun at the Bank of America debit card fees by telling a customer to "just accept it". A whole horde of people tell him how banking is essentially corrupt and he should just roll over. Just accept it. Then his date brings it into focus by telling him how he will die if they miss the movie. Just accept it.

Politics is the same way. We have the big name Republicans in the form of Mitt Romney and Tricky Ricky and they are telling the voters to "just accept it".

Congress is trying to extend the drug war overseas on Americans citizens. Just accept it.

Obama is killing American citizens who haven't been convicted of any crime.

Just accept it.

And as we move closer to actual primaries we see the establishment coming out and telling us to look hard at Romney or Perry. We have Christie and Palin making news for not running. We have religious leaders at the latest straw poll denigrating another mans religion as a cult. While some occupy wall street, more Americans occupy prisons in the failed war on drugs. It's ok though. This is how it's always been.

Guys like Ron Paul and Herman Cain almost have no chance. After all, the game is rigged by the establishment.And, Obama will likely win again. He will continue to lead the nation into ruin. Why is it always the same? How come every four years the same meme is played out no matter which party is in charge? You guessed it.

Because most people Just accept it.

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