Monday, October 10, 2011

Documented Media Bias

Back in the dark ages of the 1980's I took journalism in high school. We were constantly being told that our writing had to be free of our opinions and contain nothing but the facts. Our facts had to have proof backing them up just in case someone challenged them. Opinions were for the editorial page.

Today, most news outlets would fail that class handily. Today's "Journalists" disdain the idea that a mere "reporter" should simply report the news. Instead, the news must be shaped. And, no one is better at it than the mainstream (or "vintage") media outlets. If you don't believe me look at the republican field of candidates and tell me who the two front runners are and why. Look at who is being dismissed as unelectable.

The media needs to learn that they are not responsible for making the message. Instead it up to them to document the message. What I think about it is completely up to me.

Check this out for examples of how the media is spinning one candidate under another:

Hope and Change didn't work any better than Mission Accomplished. Time for a new message.

But will the media allow you to hear it?

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  1. i agree, the media blackout (blackout? i doubt that most of my local "journalists" have any idea) about the disaster at fukushima, which is still on going.
    when i watch the news of other countries, i am embarrassed at the mindless pap that is being spoon fed to americans. and most are too lazy to consider other sources or viewpoints. its is very sad, everyday i ask myself..."what the fuck happened to my country?"