Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bailouts on Sale: Today Only, Union Pensions At $167,000,000,000

Ya gotta love todays Congress, they do think big. I mean, we've bailed out everyone but the working man. We've nationalized the health care industry. We've nationalized a car company and given a part-ownership to the union that bankrupted GM in the first place.

Now we are buying into mismanaged union pension funds. The best guess is a minimum of one hundred sixty seven billion dollars. If you can't conceive of a number that large, read this post.

Can you say massive  Tax Increase or a crash that makes 1929 look like the 1890's? Are you getting mad yet? Call, write, bitch, and moan. Get loud and obnoxious. It's too late for us. Maybe we can save the women and kids.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Islamic Center Attracts Protesters on Both Sides - NYTimes.com

In a glaring headline with lurid pics, the NYTimes reports on the latest ground zero mosque info. Bah, humbug. As usual the sheep are milling about and not noticing the wolves among them.

From the NYT:

Islamic Center Attracts Protesters on Both Sides - NYTimes.com: "Two protests on Sunday morning, in the normally quiet blocks north of Ground Zero, claimed to be on the side of tolerance. One camp stood in favor of the mosque and Islamic center that has been proposed for the area; the other argued against.

Wolves among the sheep include a lady in line for the Presidency. You did know that she advocated investigating the protesters right? No one in NY that I've read about agrees with her. But, it sure smacks of some of the late great socialist nations of the former USSR. Papers Please?

Remember this. Any protests should swell from the local community. And any calls to investigate the protesters is just as unAmerican as can be. There should be no federal involvement at all in what is a state/local issue. Send an email to Madame Pelosi telling her that those remarks smack of Socialism and are not why she was sent to DC.


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Sunday, August 15, 2010

More Big Government Socialism

It'sSocialism I tell ya! That, or a varient of it, is the battle cry of folks on the right wing of American Politics in the 21st Century. Boo Friggen Hoo. From my humble observations the majority of Americans fall into a group I call the McUSA family. Mr. and Mrs. McUSA are the overwork, overfat, undersexed, overstressed, majority that simply doesn't have time to do anything but hope that the country didn't go to hell while they were trying to pay the mortgage.

Your Mission: Explain socialism to your neighbors. Use this list of admitted socialists.

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Saturday, August 07, 2010

More on US v. Arizona

Truthdig is a website that purports to apply the truth to controversial issues. In fact it is a liberal site that "digs" the issues that are the current issue-of-the-day. In fact, truthdig can be likened to townhall or redstate on the right.

And, why pray tell, should I care? Because it isn't simply presenting a point of view or opinion. Instead, just like a lot of other partisan hack sites, it is a propaganda vehicle for the current prez.

Look at this article covering the US v. Arizona case. The thrust is the supposed unconstitutionality of the requirement to verify immigration status.

Am I the only guy in the country to get that you must establish a full and complete identity on everyone apprehended by law enforcement? There is nothing unconstitutional about it. By treaty all foreign nationals apprehended must be divulged to the appropriate consulate. This allows the home-nation to assist one of their citizens who has run afoul of US law.

It's not that tough. Just put a bit of rational thought into it and you will see that there is no conspiriacy here.

I hope the judge in the long run is as smart as she is educated.

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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Cops Hiding From Cameras In Some States

Oh Hell No!

Check out the story about the Air National Guard Staff Sergeant who was cut off by an unmarked car, approached by a stranger in civilian attire brandishing a gun, and then arrested for making a video of what turned out to be a cop. It seems that he faces up to sixteen years (yeah that's YEARS) for allegedly violating anti-wiretapping laws.

It's amazing that cop cams are on the dashboards of virtually every one-horse cop town car in America but a private citizen can't return the favor. It's freaking outrageous! This is a clear case of DA's making an attempt to play good-ol-boy-network-game number 603A. It's known as cover your buddies ass. In a public servant it's totally un-freaking-sat.

Don't misunderstand me. As far as I am concerned, if you are not on your own private property you are subject to monitoring. I personally see no expectation of privacy in your car on a public road. If you are on a public street then you should have no problem with corner cameras and stop light cams. As long as there are crimes then video is good. It just ticks me off that some District Attorneys are coming across with a do-as-i-say-not-as-i-do attitude.


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