Sunday, August 22, 2010

Islamic Center Attracts Protesters on Both Sides -

In a glaring headline with lurid pics, the NYTimes reports on the latest ground zero mosque info. Bah, humbug. As usual the sheep are milling about and not noticing the wolves among them.

From the NYT:

Islamic Center Attracts Protesters on Both Sides - "Two protests on Sunday morning, in the normally quiet blocks north of Ground Zero, claimed to be on the side of tolerance. One camp stood in favor of the mosque and Islamic center that has been proposed for the area; the other argued against.

Wolves among the sheep include a lady in line for the Presidency. You did know that she advocated investigating the protesters right? No one in NY that I've read about agrees with her. But, it sure smacks of some of the late great socialist nations of the former USSR. Papers Please?

Remember this. Any protests should swell from the local community. And any calls to investigate the protesters is just as unAmerican as can be. There should be no federal involvement at all in what is a state/local issue. Send an email to Madame Pelosi telling her that those remarks smack of Socialism and are not why she was sent to DC.


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1 comment:

  1. Does the administration own realestate in that area? --- Perhaps Madame Pelosi will make the Imam a loan to build the super Mosque & Community Center. They will probably open a school in there, then the government can make more student loans available to educate and promote their agenda. ---lol

    It is definitely a local issue. The President was right in not commenting on the "wisdom of building a Mosque there".