Saturday, August 07, 2010

More on US v. Arizona

Truthdig is a website that purports to apply the truth to controversial issues. In fact it is a liberal site that "digs" the issues that are the current issue-of-the-day. In fact, truthdig can be likened to townhall or redstate on the right.

And, why pray tell, should I care? Because it isn't simply presenting a point of view or opinion. Instead, just like a lot of other partisan hack sites, it is a propaganda vehicle for the current prez.

Look at this article covering the US v. Arizona case. The thrust is the supposed unconstitutionality of the requirement to verify immigration status.

Am I the only guy in the country to get that you must establish a full and complete identity on everyone apprehended by law enforcement? There is nothing unconstitutional about it. By treaty all foreign nationals apprehended must be divulged to the appropriate consulate. This allows the home-nation to assist one of their citizens who has run afoul of US law.

It's not that tough. Just put a bit of rational thought into it and you will see that there is no conspiriacy here.

I hope the judge in the long run is as smart as she is educated.

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