Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bailouts on Sale: Today Only, Union Pensions At $167,000,000,000

Ya gotta love todays Congress, they do think big. I mean, we've bailed out everyone but the working man. We've nationalized the health care industry. We've nationalized a car company and given a part-ownership to the union that bankrupted GM in the first place.

Now we are buying into mismanaged union pension funds. The best guess is a minimum of one hundred sixty seven billion dollars. If you can't conceive of a number that large, read this post.

Can you say massive  Tax Increase or a crash that makes 1929 look like the 1890's? Are you getting mad yet? Call, write, bitch, and moan. Get loud and obnoxious. It's too late for us. Maybe we can save the women and kids.

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