Sunday, March 21, 2010

Time Is Running Out For The Health Care Reform Bill Vote

As we move inexorably to the meatloaf on Sundays dinner hour, the friends and neighbors you sent to congress are still playing games with our grand kids future. Read the story linked below and see the timeline and process before the vote.

Have you done everything you can? Did you write your Congressman with a logical letter explaining the reasons why health care reform isn't going to work? Did you remind him/her that the paragons of so-called universal health care all come to America for the really dicey moments? Have you followed it up with a phone call expressing your opinion of his or her stated position with a reminder that you were watching the vote? IF your member is opposing health care reform I hope you bolstered their resolve. Just as supporters of the health care reform bill should be warned that they will be out of a job if they go through with casting a vote to create anti-Constitutional law.

Call the offices of key Democrats and warn them that even though you are not a constituent, they are making decision that affect you. Thus, it is an act of war and you will be happy to work for their defeat as well.....

Finally. Are you prepared to go to court? Remember, all law is considered constitutional until challenged and overturned by the Supreme Court. If you are among those who will gain standing, be ready. If the so-called health care reform passes the fight isn't over, merely harder.

There can be no retreat and no surrender.

44 - What time is the health-care vote? And other critical questions.

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