Sunday, March 21, 2010

House passes healthcare overhaul -

The hammer has fallen. An extinction level event has struck American health care. The reform package has passed and likely will be signed into law soon. What else can go wrong? Well, watch your tax bill over the next three years. If you already have health care you like.... watch it as well.

There can be no retreat and there must be no surrender. My grand children cannot be made to pay for this. Immediately make a list of those that voted for this bill. The closer they are to you physically, the better equipped you will be to cross the district lines and support their opponents. It's time to ensure they are out of job as soon as possible.

Write the President. Be sure that he understands you ire. Be sure he understands that you will not only vote against his reelection, but you will actively work on behalf of his opponent.

Take notes when you seek medical care. AS soon as something doesn't go your way link it definitively to the new legislation and sue the government. Find a shark lawyer who's mantra is "greed is good". Offer him or her a hefty percentage and then attack.

The auto industry...
The Banking and Housing industries...

Now health care.
How long before the trains start to run on time?

House passes healthcare overhaul -

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