Saturday, March 20, 2010

Health Care Reform Bill Vote Looming

My friends, tomorrow, 3/21/2010, is the day that everyone has to get it on or get out of town. It has been years in the making. Mr. Obama is using the bully pulpit for all that it is worth and exhorting the masses into battle.

President Obama, in an extraordinary session with the Democratic caucus just a day before a climactic vote on major health care legislation, made a forceful case for health care reform on both policy and political grounds.

In closing his remarks to House Democrats, Mr. Obama told them they were on the verge of making history.

“You have a chance to make good on the promises you made,” Mr. Obama said. “This is one of those moments. This is one of those times where you can honestly say to yourself: ‘Doggone it, this is exactly why I came here. This is why I got into politics. This is why I got into public service. This is why I made these sacrifices.’ ”

That's a great quote. But, great legislation isn't made on great quotes. Health care reform is heavily invested in misdirection, special interests, and outright political maneuvering. Todays last ditch effort by the majority party and thier various cheering sections show that the health care reform bill isn't a shoe in.

Instead, everyone is pulling out the stops and coming out from behind the curtains to expose themselves. Rather than work in smoke filled rooms, they are making open frontal assaults in an effort to influence the outcome. So, today is the day to look into them and call your representative.

How do you do that? Your first step is to go to the house website and click your state. From there as you see in this snapshot of the Texas page, you will see a list of your guys. Click your guy and you will know his or her position. If they are opposed to so-called health care reform, then send them a message of support. If they are for the health care reform bill then send them logical reasons why they must oppose it.

Remember that your taxes, your personal liberties, your states' status as an individual and unique entity, your federal governments size and reach, and your very health are at stake.

Move to the sounds of the guns. It is time to engage in a decisive battle. Contact your representatives and urge failure of the health care reform bill.

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