Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mythbusting Truthout at TalkAmerica

There are days when something comes out in the world that requires you to check it out. Today is the day. According to Ann at we are poised to steal the Iraqi oil. Never mind that we already have the power to simply take it, or destroy it, according to her the first benchmark in the new law is "Privatizing Iraq's Oil for US Companies" To put a point on it:
On Thursday, May 24, the US Congress voted to continue the war in Iraq. The members called it "supporting the troops." I call it stealing Iraq's oil - the second largest reserves in the world. The "benchmark," or goal, the Bush administration has been working on furiously since the US invaded Iraq is privatization of Iraq's oil. Now they have Congress blackmailing the Iraqi Parliament and the Iraqi people: no privatization of Iraqi oil, no reconstruction funds.

There isn't anything in the article to back up Anns commentary. And, normally an editorial in a big name website like truthout wouldn't draw much from me in the way of investigation. But, this resonated and after reading the gang at TalkAmerica hit this story to find out if it was true.

Unless someone has other sources, the myth of privatization being a required benchmark is looking pretty busted.

What Congress Really Approved: Benchmark No. 1: Privatizing Iraq's Oil for US Companies

The Discussion at TalkAmerica.

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