Thursday, October 02, 2008

Oppose The Bailout No Matter What It's Called

Alright Folks, it's time to oppose the bailout. Why? Well, for starters it is your money. Why again? Should a CEO who ran his company into the ground get bailed out and be personally paid millions? Why Again? Are you getting bailed out if you fall behind and face bankruptcy and foreclosure? Why Again? Where in the Constitution is the authority granted to Congress to continually apply corporate welfare?

Get on the horn without delay. Call your Representative first. He/She is up for reelection. Let em know that bailing out Wall Street can put him on the street. Then get a hold of your Senator. Warn them pointedly that support of Corporate Welfare is wrong and that you will remember their vote. Finally contact your presidential (lower case on purpose BTW) candidate that they better withdraw support for the bailout. Let's get it done.

CNN Money Story on Golden Parachutes. The bill failed, but don't get happy yet, the new bill has em.

I hate the idea of the Government tinkering with the idea of limiting the upper end of what one can earn. But rewarding failure is just as bad. In this case, let Darwin be the guide.

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