Thursday, April 16, 2009


Considering the news lately there really isn't much to blog about if you are a working stiff. So, for those who found the time to "Tea Party", that is great. Hang in there. Obviously you got under CNN's skin. That alone made it all worthwhile.

I do have one news question though. I wonder why Pirates are kept alive? We captured one. He should have been shot out of hand and dumped overboard. Some don't like that thought. Well, I am right and you are wrong, end of story. That is Andrew Wilkows tag line on Sirius and it is spot on. Pirates are nothing more than a subset of the vermin classed as terrorists. Kill em all, and if/when their relatives join the family business kill them too.

Finally, Tom Sullivan had a great comparison to all the tax and spend madness. He said it was equivalent to someone borrowing a hundred bux and then buying you a ten buck lunch and expecting you to be grateful. Awesome.

Well it's back to job one, job two, and the search for hidden online millions :)

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