Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Holding Hispanic Hands in New York

Oh My Gawd. I have seen stupid in many forms, but this is approaching moronic. It's too bad that the learned people involved cannot be prosecuted. But alas, Criminal Stupidity is only a descriptive term.

Picture this. A suburb that has lots of Hispanics. No Hispanic has ever been elected. Hmmmmm, I guess that can only mean that racists have illegally stolen elections. Yeah right.

The sad part is that a federal judge actually came to that conclusion and foisted a new voting system onto the suburb designed to be racially weighted in favor of Americas newest victim class. I guess it goes to show that education doesn't = smart.

Basically, everyone gets six votes to apportion out to the candidates as they see fit. So much for "one man, one vote". What strikes me as really idiotic is that had the community staged a "get out the vote" campaign in the past to rival the current one, the judge's activism would not be needed.

My message to the judge is: "How dare you order a village to provide early voting. How dare you approve this abomination of a plan. As a judge you are supposed to be the arbiter of the law. It is not your job to make the law."

My message to the people is: "Don't complain for long about things like what led to this. Instead, organize and take action. Don't let the men in black hold your hands, or they will treat you like children forever. Without meaning any disrespect to the ladies, you need to stand up like men."

Y'all don't believe me do you? Well, you can read all about it right here. What really sucks is that Amarillo is a place that allows this as well. What a farce. FTFGIMAD Technorati Tags: , ,

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