Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WikiLeaks Is An Enemy Combatant

WikiLeaks has done it again. This time Wikileaks posted classified diplomatic cables. I'd say that this is obviously another front in the war on terror. WikiLeaks should be reclassified as an enemy combatant and the NSA needs to do a full on assault on them wherever they are.

First it was Iraq and Afghanistan operational information. A terrorist now has all the information needed to set up a "court" and behead a captured American Soldier live on the web.

Write your Congressional Representative and urge them to classify WikiLeaks as an enemy combatant or terrorist organization.

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1 comment:

  1. out of 100,000 deaths, 66,000 were civilians. sounds like genocide to me.
    US said it did not keep track of iraqi deaths, yet they not only kept records, they had names and addresses and relatives.
    we had no right to be there. we used DU and i also believe we used DEW.
    have you seen what DU does to babies?
    no, it is horrific, and i for one don't want my country doing that.