Sunday, May 22, 2011

Questions for Ron Paul

On the Wall Street Journals Question of the Day section there is a discussion going that wonders if Ron Paul can be the GOP Nominated Candidate.

One person, jay addams, has boldly proclaimed that
He will take away from the front-runner in the next election as an Independent or third party candidate.-- Source

My response on the message board is intended to wake up those who can be of some help. The facts are that we get the government we deserve. We need to build a bridge to get from where we are to where we want to be.

So, my questions to all those who support Ron Paul are limited. As you look at them, remember that the answer must fit within today's reality while honoring the philosophy of Ron Paul and the ideals of a literally read Constitution.

  1. What do we do about the national debt?
  2. How do we get rid of Social Security without screwing over the people who have a lifetime of wages paid into it?
  3. How do we raise the money needed to pay for the government we get? Let alone the one we want?

Those three questions are more than enough for one mere presidential contender. I hope they choose to address them.

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