Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A General's Court Martial

There's a news story floating around that a U.S. Army Brigadier General is actually being court-martialed for sexual misconduct. Isn't it amazing that he attained that exalted rank and no one knew beforehand that he was a sleaze? This officer has also had several charges removed or reduced. If nothing else that will placate the crowd that says "it was only sex" or "look at everything good he did". In the first place, it wasn't only sex. It was abuse of authority and abrogation of integrity. Both of those can be especially harmful, even deadly, to his subordinates both in the field or in garrison. And, in the second place, we put our military on a higher pedestal than anyone else. They are one of the few institutions we actually expect great things from instead of tolerating human failings. Look at what goes on in Congress that we tolerate.

I admit I don't know the facts of the case. But, what I do know is that had this been an enlisted soldier, they would still be measuring the rope they were going to hang him with. This guy is a sleaze. He has totally lost any respect that was due to him for his accomplishments in the army. I sincerely hope that his sentencing is more than a slap on the wrist. We expect leaders to set an example. Hopefully the example will be that if you don't measure up to standards that you will pay a real price. If there is not a Disqus comment box at the end of this post, click the title one will appear.

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