Thursday, February 01, 2007

Drowning and Driving....

In Illinois a woman got ten years for drowning her kids. Her boyfriend got life. I don't know if the land of Lincoln has a death penalty, but they should. I hope that thier time in prison is happy and filled with cavity searches. Story.

In other law news...... Down Louisiana way a judge has ruled that a state law banning illegal immigrants from driving is unconstitutional. I Have to hand it to the folks in LA. At least they are trying to do something. I would say that the lawmakers need to get together and fix this issue. My take is that it won't happen. Our current pols are not interested in working for the people anymore than they are interested in turning down campaign contributions. The reality is that you and I need to work more in our local communities to keep the bigger brothers out of them. Story

I'm really not up for the news lately. After moving and weather and jury duty, I am happy just to be hanging out with my family. Give me another day or three and I will be back to reality.

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