Sunday, February 04, 2007

Superbowl and not super politics

The superbowl is underway and I must root for Chicago because the coach is from Texas. IF not for that, I would not even watch this years game.

This weekends politics news is so boring I am almost afraid to put it out there. None of it has anything that a realist will worry about because it won't trickle down. For instance, in the thin skinned department: Bush adds the IC to Democrat to sooth the new majority. Stories. Then of course we have to applaud as the majority ties in it's first 100 hours (which took how long?) to diversity and panders to the black vote. Story. In other words it is politics as usual.

Prince is on for the halftime show. That kinda tells me the state of the NFL. No wonder I am not really following the game.

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