Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day: Again

Every year we celebrate Memorial Day as the unofficial beginning of summer. Believe it or not it makes me happy that people can do that. That is because Memorial Day will forever mean lost friends and comrades. So, the dual meaning is actually good. It allows one to celebrate life and freedom while remembering those who bought it for us.

Like a mesmerized sailor approaching the sirens, once in a while I cannot help but peruse the names of the dead. I look at them and hope that I cannot find someone that I can confirm was a friend, colleague, former subordinate, or former superior of mine. There are so many names that match with Marines I know/knew that sometimes I have to look them up elsewhere to confirm that it is or was the same person.

Yet, I am comforted that at least one person this year has not forgotten them. My son-in-law is there now, my daughter is ready to go. I've done my part, but somehow feel I should have done more. I'm sure that if I consult a shrink, he will be able to help me so long as I help pay for his Lexus.

Enjoy your weekend, make Memorial Day a time to remember the good times and to continuously honor those who made it possible. Thanks.

Semper Fi,

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