Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So Much For Greatness

This is a dismal presidential election. I absolutely cannot believe that we are going to get saddled with one of three race pandering, tree hugging, head in the sand politicians. It boggles the mind that the American People are so easily manipulated by a media that is out to actually influence the election.

The reality is that we are going to get a lousy President unless the nation comes to its' collective senses and writes in Ron Paul or someone else that has read the Constitution. We have the perpetual Obama and Clinton racism/sexism on both sides and McCain pandering to La Raza of all things. What's next, Obama visiting a klan rally while Clinton commemorates the anniversary of the founding of the Black Panthers? Or maybe all of them can denounce the idea of all male colleges during a speech at Stephens?

We will survive this, but it will take some action by the People, the congress, and whoever the new president is come next January.

First and foremost. We the People need to become educated about what goes on in the Congress. Apathy is the glue that holds incompetent pols in office. Hey, if you only vote for the name you know, then you deserve what you get. But, what you get is also what I get. It's also what my kids get. And it is what our genuine public servants get. And all of that sux.

Next, we need a Congress that is educated on the Constitution and the Principles our nation was founded upon. I think that we the people and the state legislatures need to remind the congress that the fed is supposed to be limited. A prime example is the current price of gasoline. Congress, for the last few decades has capitulated to the tree hugging population that literally cannot see the trees yada yada yada.

We cannot drill for oil. We cannot build new refineries. We cannot increase coal production. We cannot build nuclear plants. But, the Senate can try to blackmail the Saudis with cancellation of an arms deal if they don't up their production to bring relief at the pump. They can demonize the oil companies for making too much money. How do you spell hypocrite? P-O-L-I-T-I-C-I-A-N.

The President often gets a bad rap for Congress. "The Bush [fill in the blank]" is a rally cry among the democrats even though virtually all of the [fill in the blank] had to have congressional approval. Our president needs to exercise his actual legislative power of the veto.

Any legislation that is not clearly referenced in the enumerated powers must be vetoed. Borderline legislation, based on a broadly written clause must be subjected to a hellfire and brimstone debate. Overly broad interpretation is a sure path to ruin. So, the executive must be the protector of the constitution.

Next, even if constitutional, we must ask if that legislation cannot be better handled by the states or private enterprise. Is it really the business of the federal government to make a law that mandates privately owned vehicles fuel economy? I don't think so. Motor trend ratings have more to do with who buys what than congressional mandates. The president should veto anything that can be done better elsewhere.

Then, even if constitutional, and even if it is best handled at the federal level, how are we to pay for it? No new taxes. No tax increases. The president must draw a line on spending, and get the fairtax passed before allowing congress to appropriate new monies. Anything not paid for by current taxes, without raising them, and monies in the treasury must be vetoed.

But, realistically speaking, until the people decide to become reinvolved in the process, I am merely ranting in limbo. The cowards in blue suits with American flag lapel pins will continue to cave in to special interest groups and deep pockets.

A pox on all them.

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