Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jeremiah Wright's Attempted Slander of US Marines

AS I am driving down the road doing todays 390 miles of honest work the ol talk radio is abuzz with Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wrights latest comments and Barack Obama's repudiation of same. Oh well, just more comedy from the Democrats right? I mean, after all, these are the folks who after two years in power are still campaigning against George Bush.

But, something was amiss. Wright apparently compared my beloved US Marines to the Roman Legions.

From Fox News:
“We cannot see how what we are doing is the same thing that Al Qaeda is doing under a different color flag, calling on the name of a different God to sanction and approve our murder,” Wright said in the April 13, 2003, sermon. “Remember it was soldiers of the 3rd Marine Regiment of Rome who had fun with Jesus who was mistreated as a prisoner of war, an enemy of the occupying army stationed in Jerusalem to insure the mopping up action of Operation Israeli Freedom.”

Instead of outrage at the attempted slur, I could not help but laugh. In fact his comments only demonstrate

that he is ignorant of historical reality and cannot properly compare or contrast. Let's see.

Romes Legions were the preeminent conventional force of their era. So are todays US Marines.

Romes Legions were held to higher standards than the citizenry they served. So too, todays US Marines.

Romes Legions executed the assigned missions with a single minded professionalism and did not allow personal politics to get in the way. And today, our Marines are doing the same. Apparently both eras had leaders that made the best of a bad situation.

By contrast, Romes Legions were often cults of personality dedicated to the Commander. Not in my Corps.

Romes Legions as a whole personally supported the reigning Emperor. My Marines have sworn to uphold the Constitution.

Romes legions committed what we consider atrocities by todays standards. Deplorably, there are Marines who've been accused of the same. Now, google the words "courts martial" and then reread the paragraph above about who is held to a higher standard.

As usual, the Reverend Dr. Wrong got it Wright.

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