Saturday, June 21, 2008

McClellan Appears at House Judiciary Committee Hearing

In the stories-that-will-not-die department we have two comedies that are merging into one. On the one hand we have the media sensation of the former administration mouthpiece and his muckraking book. On the other hand we have our so called public servants in the House of Representatives (specifically the Judiciary Committee) holding hearings.

Scott "Show me the money" McClellan appeared before the House Judiciary Committee headed by Democrat Rep. John Conyers of Michigan. Appearing before the committee he brought with him one copy of his tell-all book and the knowledge that his 75,000 dollar advance is safely tucked away in a bank somewhere.

Obviously with partisan politics being what it is the battle lines were clearly drawn before Scotty beamed himself in. The Democrats, forgetting that Bush is not running for another term, focused on the Plame incident and tried hard for more damning information. The Republicans, angered at the obvious money grab struck Scott with epithets and derision. Through it all;
McClellan kept his poise and seemed to deflect much criticism—"character assassination," in the words of one Democrat—during about three hours of testimony. -- Source

I know that I am supposed to be objective but this case gets under my skin on two levels. First is the character of McClellan himself. He waits until the proper moment and unleashes a book timed to make money. He obviously has no sense of loyalty and apparently his character fluctuates between being on or off depending on his finances. Secondly, we have yet another case of the fed improperly meddling. This was settled at taxpayer expense via a special prosecutor. But, thanks to partisanship it simply won't die.

The only reason Conyers isn't getting an Ape Hanger is that the investigation won't hurt the average person and isn't anti-Constitutional. Instead it is merely politics as usual by someone who likely won't ever earn the title of "Statesman".

Hey Scotty ol boy, next time you wanna write a tabloid book, do it about me. I could use the publicity.

Republicans Lambaste McClellan at Judiciary Committee Hearing

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