Thursday, September 18, 2008

Congressional Bailouts and Cowardice

I am so ticked off. I am sitting here trying to figure out how to type this entry without blowing a gasket. Arrrrrrgh.

I am steaming over the recent bailouts by the .gov. Nowhere in the Constitution is Congress authorised to buy up, bail out, loan, back up, cushion, or otherwise prop up failing business with my money. And to make it worse, they pick and choose who they will help or ignore.

JPMorgan Chase, Bear Stearns, AIG, Fanny Mae, Freddy Mac, and who knows who else. I'm surprised they will let Lehman Bros go bankrupt. I find it amazing that if I make a math error on my taxes, the Men In Black from the IRS will bring down the heavens to get the money with penalties and interest added. Do I get interest on the year long loan? Hell No. How about a personal bailout from SBA loans if my business fails? Not bloody likely. But if you've contributed to reelection campaigns then you are a shoe in. Just ask these guys. Read on please.

The fundamental unfairness of a capricious policy that doesn't benefit Joe Citizen is enough to make me mad. But, add to it that these bailouts didn't even get debated by Congress is just over the top. Your money has been confiscated and applied to Corporate Welfare. Congress handed the authority to the treasury secretary in a bill larded with pork. That way, they can shuffle off the blame like the cowards they are.

And Lo it came to pass:

Last night, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi started pointing her finger directly toward the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. "The most recent bailout initiated by the Bush Administration is just another example that George Bush is a failed manager," Pelosi said after announcing hearings to investigate fraud and look at what new regulations will be needed in the future. And today, the speaker threw numerous punches at Sen. John McCain calling the presidential candidate the "greatest deregulator." Source


The next thing that has me pissed off is that every time a mouse farts the Congress gets a special prosecutor and holds enough hearings to put Court TV to sleep. But, where the hell is the criminal prosecutions of the members of Congress that benifited from monies handed out by the Mortgage Giants. It's no wonder they didn't take pro-active action. Anywhere else it is criminal negligence. In DC it is politics101.

And then there is the opposing sides that want to blame the lobbyists. So much for free speech right? I mean, citizens have a right to organise to influence the .gov right? Well, only if you are lining thier pockets. But, the last time I looked the lobbyists are not holding a gun to any congress critters head. They can say so, but they won't. Cowards and Criminals.

And then just to really peg the ol rant meter, our boy Charlie Rangel is still sitting on the House Ways and Means Committee as its' chairman. He is evading the very tax laws that he writes. If he had a shred of honor, he'd realize that he should be ashamed of himself and step down.

A pox on the lot of them.

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