Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Funnies

I used to post at dailykos. I enjoyed the idea of discussion with folks who didn't agree with me. I don't post there now, but I have to give them props for a huge apparatus that gets a lot of media time. Right now, DK is hugely anti-Palin. A poster on DK accused her daughter of giving birth to the downs baby. And now another poster is comparing her to Nazi's. Be careful when you visit. If you post, don't even be close to anti-O. That's what brought out the sharks and triggered my autoban. Kos has some thinking liberals that are worthy of discourse. But, the Nazi story is a bit much y'think? Clink the link and read more Sunday funnies.

Since Gov Palin is becoming the news story that won't go away... didja hear about the alleged banning of books? It turns out that it wasn't true.
I will be glad when the election cycle is all over. The losers can all go on the talk show circuit and their cohorts can start the next generation of conspiracy theories. Imagine if the McPalin ticket wins. God forbid they should win in Florida or Ohio. There are some people who would spontaneously combust. I can already hear the twilight zone music in the background.

And in closing let's go ahead and give you the wasted tax dollars legislation found today. It's called "For the relief of" legislation (my term) and appears to be a case of patronage by using the power of your office to circumvent the law. Check out the legislation by Rep Pastor.

Back to Football.

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