Friday, February 05, 2010

CREDO says "It's Time to shame Sen. Shelby"

I got me a CREDO Gram today. I like these because they often demonstrate the clear lack of critical thinking skills. Check out the following excerpts from the email.

Dear Phillip,

A Republican Senator from Alabama has put what is by all accounts an extraordinary 'blanket hold' on almost every single nomination that President Obama has sent to the Senate.

This is what happens when the Democratic leadership plays nice with bullies. The country loses. And if Sen. Richard Shelby is successful, this kind of extortion will only get worse.

Bullies? Extortion? Pretty strong words. But is it any different than the Democratic minority just a couple of years ago? Listen to some old Hannity/Rush reruns. History always repeats itself.

It's time for Democratic leadership to stand up to Republicans, starting with Sen. Shelby. Senate Majority Leader Reid should refuse to honor Shelby's 'blanket hold' on more than 70 nominees. If Republicans want to block every single Obama appointee, they must filibuster them one-by-one and deal with the very public consequences of their obstructionism. Sen. Shelby should be ashamed — but he is not.....

Becky Bond, Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets"

Actually I agree with the sentiment. I'd love to see a catfight in the senate. But the ultimate would be a change to the rules. The Senate should have a ten day limit and then an up or down vote. Failure to act would equate to the adage of "silence is consent" and the nominee is installed.

I heartily recommend that everyone sign up for these "action" emails. It won't be long before they run together and you'll see that both sides are essentially crooks whose only goal is personal enrichment.

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