Tuesday, March 06, 2007

And Justice for All?

Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead...... The Libby Trial has just completed phase one. He has been found guilty. Now we proceed to phase two, the appeals or new trial process. I'm glad that after all that time and money we finally got someone involved in Plamegate.

I mean the guy(s) who actually leaked the information were not charged. So far as I know they haven't been fired either. If Armitage or Rove isn't still on the .gov payroll please comment on it. I may have just not seen it. But in any event the prosecutor said:
"I do not expect to file any further charges," Fitzgerald said. "We're all going back to our day jobs."

This really has me doing a slow burn. Classified data is so important to our national security that any violation should be dealt with harshly. And, even if Armitage's remarks were off the cuff and not intended to do harm, it was professionally irresponsible. So yeah, it was determined that legally there was no actual crime committed. So what? They should be fired and be a pariah and be happy that no one has charged him.

I don't condone Libby's actions. But I would trade two firings in disgrace (followed by charges) for his pardon.

The other thing about all this that burns me up is that these "senior administration officials" get off light. If a young Lance Corporal or Corporal (about 19-22 years old) were to mishandle classified data ala Armitage, Rove, or (God Forbid) Berger they are looking at severe brig time. Just goes to show that we hold our servicemen to a higher standard than their supposed leaders.

Now that Libby is getting ready to fade off the front page the newest scandal du jour is in the making. By firing several US Attorneys the Justice Department has put itself in an unwelcome spotlight. Instead of simply declining to discuss it, they had to go and say it was "performance related". Of course that means that the performance reviews would back it up right? Nuh uh. The reviews I have seen in the media may not be glowing, but they shed light on something.

So how can this help the Democrats with winning in 2008? Simple. Each of the above is ethics related. It breaks down into a liar, and a department of shadows. We don't yet know the true reasons for the firings. We are being told from some sources that it was because they (the US Attorneys) didn't cleave to the party line. Time (another round of hearings and more $$$) will tell.

So, make it about ethics. Seize the moral high ground and purge congress of every lying, cheating, dishonest pol. Make the rules so tough that it isn't a matter of if you get caught, but when. Trumpet this new attitude to the heavens and follow it up with enforceable rules that exact a high price for being a crook.

The McUSA's will love it. And as an added bonus everyone should sleep a little more soundly.

Thanks for reading.

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