Saturday, March 17, 2007

Break Time Again.....

It's another Saturday Night and I aint got ..... Well not quite. But, I am not in the mood for deep political thought right now. Even realists have to have some fun from time to time. So let's check out some very cool places

Does anyone besides me actually read books anymore? I think of the library as the best public money ever spent. It's like a prehistoric Internet. But sometimes the library doesn't have what you want and you will actually have to pay the big bux to get that much needed information.

Two sites that I really like are Booksprice and Smartflix. Booksprice allows you to compare the prices on book or dvds or cds. Just enter the author or title or ISBN and voila there is your books. Hit compare price and voila again.... many sources for the book with links and reviews. It will also get sources in Germany and the UK. So if your 5.00 book has a 40.00 shipping fee, check the country of origin.

Smartflix is just like netflix except the content is how-to oriented. Wanna make a knife, knit a sweater, build a mold to cast plaster or plastic in? They have the video. SF is a bit pricey when you compare it to netflix. But, netflix isn't going to give you a class in oxyacetylene welding either. So if you would like to build it, fix it, or just learn about it check out smartflix. There is a link on the left to click.

Like animals? My family is very animal oriented. If we had the space, we'd have dozens of animals. But alas we have to get by with two cats and a pup. If you have a canine buddy and need advice on how to care, feed, train, etc here is a message board that is all about dogs. The members are great and have proven to be helpful many times.

In the shop I like to listen to the radio. I listen to sirius at work in my van and at home listen to the local AM talk radio. On Sirius I listen to all the talking heads. Sean Hannity,Spencer Hughes, Brian and the Judge (Napolitano),Andrew Wilkow Lynn Samuels, The Young Turks, and Alan Colmes. I obviously cannot listen to everyone everyday or I'd never get any work done. But I find that they all are generally talking about the same or similar issues. It can be real entertaining to listen to each sides talking points. If you didn't know better you'd think they had an agenda.

On the AM talker I listen to Pratt on Texas. He is a Libertarian leaning with a mix of conservatism. He also rarely comments on national issues. Instead he focuses solely on Texas. That is cool since nowadays it is sooooo easy to get distracted by the label-makers and forget that there is a local and state government you need to keep an eye on as well.

I'm not going to bore you with all the hobby related woodworking or metal working sites I go to. But suffice to say that I am a news and Internet junkie. Now, the real question is where you go to surf when you are not going after the political analysis of the moment.....

Thanks for reading.


  1. Nice place you have here my friend.. very nice indeed..

  2. Thanks Marcia. Still up in Alaska? Hope you are loving life and keeping warm. Here's a site that is fun that I forgot in the original post. It's

    Supposed to be about how to do almost anything. Be good now.