Thursday, March 01, 2007

Latin for "PAIN"

Let me tell you, pain has a way of rendering everything else nonessential. I have sciatica. I think it is Latin for "PAIN". If you could induce it, you would have the perfect torture weapon. So, for the last few days I wasn't watching the news. Hard to believe that they tried to kill Dick Cheney.......

Honestly, I don't believe they did try to kill anyone but other locals and some American troops. I think that the mighty hunters almost getting bagged was a lucky coincidence. I think that the enemy is simply doing what all the pols are doing, namely seeking a media outlet.
About 20 Afghans died, including a 12-year-old boy. An additional two dozen or so were wounded.
By Tuesday evening, long after Mr. Cheney wrapped up his visit and headed home to the United States, it remained unclear whether the suicide bomber had known that Mr. Cheney was on the base at the time of the attack. One military official at United States Central Command, which oversees operations in Afghanistan, said he strongly believed that the bomber was unaware of Mr. Cheney’s presence. Sources

Today's news has an openly gay Marine rallying to end the Clinton era policy on gays in the military. During my time in the service I always thought that the general mindset of the military was about twenty or so years behind society. IOW, we had a sixties mentality in the 1980's. Well, now that Y2K has come and gone, we have an 80's mentality. So, there is a small chance that the services might not balk as hard as you think when it comes to changing the policy. Anyway Dems, listen up. If you want to keep and hold power, make this a priority. The McUSA's don't really care one way or the other. But if you package it right, you can lock in the gay rights people. It will be at the expense of the churchgoers though. So, to them you must either give something, or go on the attack and portray them as "intolerant". Essentially the time is almost right. Guys like me were raised to despise Homosexuality in any form. But, time heals wounds and tempers attitudes. A retired Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff weighed in:
"Last year I held a number of meetings with gay soldiers and Marines," retired Army Gen. John Shalikashvili wrote in The New York Times. "These conversations showed me just how much the military has changed, and that gays and lesbians can be accepted by their peers." Sources

On the opposite end of the military sex spectrum is this piece about a USAF Officer who got fifty years for raping other men. For what it is worth, a court martial is far less likely to be swayed by rhetoric, and less likely to go easy in cases like this. Personally I am glad to know that he will be in a place with other predators and not polluting the military. It's also nice to see that the military still polices it's own. The term "dismissed" when applied to Officers is the equal of receiving a Dishonorable Discharge.
The sentence was delivered a day after nine Air Force officers serving on Capt. Devery L. Taylor's court-martial jury found him guilty of all charges against him for drugging and kidnapping servicemen and others he met in bars. Taylor was dismissed from the Air Force and will not be eligible for parole for 20 years. Sources

The Presidential race is already heating up. I've already mentioned elsewhere that it is way too early to call or even commit to a candidate. Review the posts on Leadership Traits and Principles. Go to and compare issues. Be informed.
What do you do if no one meets your criteria? Be realistic and know that there is a lesser of two evils. Cast your vote for the one person best and most fully qualified by your information. Not voting is a cop out. But, for now, hold your fire and simply take in all the information that is out there.

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Gay veteran calls for end of 'Don't ask, don't tell'
AF Officer Gets 50 Years for Raping Men

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