Saturday, August 02, 2008

Obama Challenges McCain to a Duel on Taxes

Let me get this straight, Obama challenges John McCain to a duel over taxes!! Oh my freakin gawd. This will be so priceless that Master card will have to make a commercial out of it.

I am going on record to say that I hope they do it, the "duel" I mean. After all, where else can you listen to two men who are so well versed in deceiving the public? What is the deception you ask?

The first deception is the implication that any President can raise or lower taxes. This deception is used widely by both parties with both a positive and negative spin. The most common current negative example is the so-called "Bush Tax Cuts".

Anyone with a hint of education beyond using crayons knows that no President can monkey with the tax code. They can only recommend to the Congress a direction to travel. They can either sign or veto changes. And of course they can make promises they cannot keep. "Read my lips", said Bush the Elder.

So we must welcome any duels over taxes as a chance to see both candidate lie in real time. And you must remember the lies. Then you must do your own research and find for yourself that while the income tax is eminently not unconstitutional it is certainly anticonstitutional.

From there I would hope that you would recognize the evil inherent in our current income tax system. Then ytou would logically search out alternatives to it. Your search for alternatives would bring you to the concepts of abolishing the income tax.

One of those options is to simply scale back our spending and live on the income from the myriad other sources of the governments revenue.

The other option is a national sales tax.

Realistically, neither candidate will endorse any action that would modify the governments power to reward or punish via taxation. Neither would they willingly lose the money they get from the lobbyists.

So yes, let's get to the debate, then let's count the lies on both sides.

Here's a Wild one for you
Obama and McCain Tax Proposals

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