Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Funnies

Well, there is more than enough stuff in the news to create a Sunday Funnies post.

First of all, there is the persistent rumor that Hillary is setting Barack up to get the run pulled out from under him at the convention. OTOH she is also publicly telling her supporters to back him. Only the convention will tell. This is the kind of buildup that the networks wish they could get for the fall TV schedule.

Then, in the sex scandal of the week category, John Edwards had an affair and then denied he's the father of the (alleged) resulting child. I feel more for his wife than for him. I feel for the child. And I can take a bit of comfort that at least he won't be nominated. Like Bill, John is a faithless liar and obviously cannot be trusted.

Yesterday we showed the truth-o-meter. Today, we look at Polifact's Flip-O-Meter. I understand that one can change their mind over time. I even understand that one can change thier mind in response to a sudden paradigm shifting trauma. But, our pols have made flipping a high art.

On using the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Barack Obama >>Details
On offshore drilling. Barack Obama >>Details
On offshore drilling. John McCain >>Details
On the Bush tax cuts. John McCain >>Details
On public financing of his campaign. Barack Obama >>Details

I guess that is enough for now. Remember, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Never trust a pol with your life or your money. Thanks for reading.

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