Thursday, August 20, 2009

Health Care Debate Still Raging

Depending on who you listen to the health care reform initiative is either dead, on life support, or strong as an ox. Amid charges of socialism there appears to be a huge divide on what Americans want. Some, such as the organization known as CREDO are up in arms that a public option might be off the table. Folks from both sides are accusing the others of lying.

The Reality Check: Any mandatory program that takes your hard earned dollars is theft by government. And, just because it's been done in the past by the income tax and social security doesn't make it right.

Speaking of "doing it in the past doesn't make it right today".... Anyone notice how it was perfectly patriotic when GWB was portrayed like this?

The Associated Press: Rep. Frank lashes out at protester for Nazi remark: "Rep. Frank lashes out at protester for Nazi remark

(AP) – 4 hours ago

DARTMOUTH, Mass. — Rep. Barney Frank lashed out at protester who held a poster depicting President Barack Obama with a Hitler-style mustache during a heated town hall meeting on federal health care reform.

'On what planet do you spend most of your time?' Frank asked the woman, who had stepped up to the podium at a southeastern Massachusetts senior center to ask why Frank supports what she called a Nazi policy.

'Ma'am, trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dining room table. I have no interest in doing it,' Frank said.

Frank noted that her ability to deface an image of the president and express her views 'is a tribute to the First Amendment that this kind of vile, contemptible nonsense is so freely propagated.'"

In another perspective, the President is reaching to religious leaders and deploring the lies and false statements of his opponents. But, take a look at the emphasized text in the next two excerpts. Who is lying?

Obama Calls Health Plan a ‘Moral Obligation’ - "Obama Calls Health Plan a ‘Moral Obligation’

WASHINGTON — President Obama sought Wednesday to reframe the health care debate as “a core ethical and moral obligation,” imploring a coalition of religious leaders to help promote the plan to lower costs and expand insurance coverage for all Americans.

“I know there’s been a lot of misinformation in this debate, and there are some folks out there who are frankly bearing false witness,” Mr. Obama told a multidenominational group of pastors, rabbis and other religious leaders who support his goal to remake the nation’s health care system."

Obama camp deploys more fake doctors – Could there be other falsification about healthcare reform?: "Obama camp deploys more fake doctors – Could there be other falsification about healthcare reform?
August 19, 6:09 PMPittsburgh Conservative ExaminerJosh Geldrich

First, pediatrician Roxana Mayer turned out not to be a doctor, but actually was an Obama campaign delegate and now a real estate saleswoman claiming to be a physician asks Barney Franks softball questions on healthcare reform.

At a town hall in Massachusetts operated by Representative Barney Frank , Ms. Sheila Levitt of Newton MA, claiming to be a doctor, asked Barney Frank some rather soft-ball questions about the controversial healthcare plan.

Only one problem, Sheila Levitt isn’t registered or listed with the Massachusetts Board of Registration on Medicine."

Reality Check: Both sides are ratcheting up the hysteria factor. Right now, the majority of Republicans are opposing health care reform simply because it is a Democrat program. If both sides wanted to truly reform health care in line with the Constitution, they would start with tort reform and eliminate mandatory participation. In other words, butt out for the most part.


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