Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ted Kennedy Rest In Piece

Senator Edward Kennedy died yesterday. And I didn't blog it. I figured that too many other news sources would be reporting the good senator's death and so also figured that another blog post would simply be lost in the crowd. But today, I have to comment on his death and how it might affect all of us in the united states. For example one has to ask will there be another senator arise to take his place as the “Lion of the Senate”? Or perhaps, is it possible that a conservative politician could step into his shoes? All these realities have to be measured by the Senate and by what's going on to day here in America. Mr. Obama, commented that senator Kennedy was the greatest Senator of this century. I don't know that I agree with that. The reality is that no one can predict exactly how his loss will influence the way the senate conducts their business.

Since the democrats are in power, his loss will not create a vacuum that has to be filled in immediately. But I do foresee that other, more liberal, politicians will step up to take his place and try to use his name and fame to further their own positions.

There will come a time when the Kennedy name is no longer dynastic within American politics and I think today might be the day that starts. In many ways the Kennedy's are considered to be America's first family. Obviously since we don't have a monarchy or a royal family the analogy is not quite apt. But, in my entire life I cannot think of a time that there was not a Kennedy on the national scene and doing things that they believed were the right things to do. So no matter how much I disagree with the good senators policies and procedures, I really do hope that he will rest in peace.


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  1. You have good instincts. Write something damn it! --- lol

    Hope you and your family are well.

    As usual, I'm predicting the rise and future evolution of the new USSA.

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