Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Leadership over Politics - Please

We are clearly in the opening rounds, the preseason if you will, of the 2012 Presidential race. Whoo hoo, so far I like the NFL preseason better. Right now we need to be looking at the candidates and deciding if anyone is a true leader as opposed to a politician. Let the rant begin.

Who in the field will step up and tell the Congress to stop the petty nonsense and deliver some results not tied to a lobbyests wet dream. Anyone? Bueller... Bueller...

So far I have a small bit of faith that Ron Paul could be such a leader. But, I have very little faith that the middle of the country will vote him in. Most just don't care as long as thier pet tax break or program is unimpeded. The other candidates so far appear to be merely politicians to me. But, I am slowly learning more on each in order to be fair.

If you are reading this I have a challenge for you. Figure out your top three issues and sell them to three people in your neighborhood or workplace that you don't talk politics with. If you can sell them on your passion to the point that they call, write, or email the alleged statesmen who has an influence.... then you are among the very few Americans who actually cares what is going on in government today.

Your issue can be local, state, or federal. It can be liberal or conservative. As long as it is real enough to raise your body off the sofa and do something it'll be great.

Get involved. Demand that those who represent you be leaders and statesmen instead of political mouthpieces. Your grandkids might thank you for it.

Here are some interesting links that made me write this rant in the first place.

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  1. Thanks for the Forbes link, Phil. I couldn't disagree with those four points, not with your encouragement to set aside ideology and get busy making a difference. I cannot, for whatever reason, get out and confront people on their own political opinions which, I assume, they feel as adamant about as I do about mine. Plus, they have no obligation to take my opinions into account, so I think it's presumptuous. However, I do write to President Obama, Senators Alexander and Corker, and my district Representative John Duncan. I even once, on a lark, wrote to Michelle Obama on a woman's issue to ask her to do everything she could to "enlighten" her husband about it. (smile) Thanks for your good work!

  2. Bee! How great to hear from you. I am really glad you take the time to write. So many people don't. I don't think you need to confront anyone. I think that you would be great at simply articulating your perspective on anything to someone who hadn't taken the time to think about it. I guess I am hoping that if we (collective) demand principled leadership, someone other than a Boss Tweed clone will answer. Thank you so much for reading. Be well. - Phil