Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Creating a revolution

Here is an area where the Democrat party can literally seize the economy and have all of America whoopin and a hollerin in delight. Big business could flock to em. Small business would endorse em. They could steal the idea from the Republicans and make it thier own.

It puts them squarely on opposite sides with the President and so creates a controllable issue for Y2K+8. Did you get that? Controllable issues are what wins elections. Look at the debacle last Tuesday. Who did a better job of controlling which issues got press time? Dems. Who allowed themselves to be bent over and spanked? Republicans. Now, back to being in control.

The Presidents Tax Cuts make a perfect point to reform the entire tax system. It (Bush's Tax Cuts) is an easy way to unite the people. After all, everyone would love to stick it to the rich. Here's what Howard Dean said about them: "The president's tax cuts are much more than simply a giveaway to friends. They are part of a master strategy to starve the core programs that have shaped our country's safety net: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and countless other programs designed to ensure that our middle class stays strong and working families can make ends meet. "

Democrats have a reputation of never seeing a tax they couldn't raise. I would put it to you that if they steal HR25 from the Republicans they can raise revenue, eliminate business taxes (thus forming allies), eliminate taxes on the poor (yet more allies), and save uncounted millions in administrative and compliance costs. HR25 for the current events challenged is also known as the Fairtax. It is a nationwide sales tax that would revolutionize the way we look at .gov revenue.

All new goods and services would be taxed. So, if you are poor and wish to minimize the tax you pay, you only have to patronize the yard sales and resale shops. If you are rich, you can hide your income. That's important because who your are matters so we can assign a tax liability. But you cannot hide consumption because there are so many more observable points. You cannot hide consumption because no one cares who is consuming the fifty thousand dollars worth of Shar-Don-Ayyyyyy. At the point of sale the tax is paid by the purchaser or purchasers agent. And yet, we won't care who actually paid it. So your privacy is assured.

Most folks don't buy it. So for your edification we offer the Website. Don't be afraid to go there and you can also go here. Read it. Browse. Check the Faqs.

Investigate the Book. It is/was a bestseller and it's short and sweet. Better yet, you can get it at most public libraries. And of course don't forget to look at the bill itself.

The Legislation is also short and sweet. Al you need do is go to the Library of Congress and use Thomas to pull up HR25, AKA The FairTax Act of 2005.

Why would the democrats want to take this on if the legislation has been pending for so long? The first reason is that it would be a visible symbol that the rules of the game were about to change. Secondly, I cannot imagine an intelligent American that would not want the immediate increase in privacy and decrease in personal power (for pols) that this brings. And whoever brings it to the American People are likely to get hired in 08.

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