Saturday, November 11, 2006

Veterans Day Message + really cool video

Today is Veterans Day and Yesterday was my Marine Corps Birthday. OohRah and Thanks to all the vets. Vets are the folks who have earned the right to speak as they please. Other folks have just as much a right to speak, but they didn't earn it. It was bestowed on them by the Constitution. When others violently try to adjust the Constitution, the vets were the ones who saved it. So, the vets earned it while others merely enjoy it.

On the lighter side, Kathianne at US Message Board posted this and it is a hoot.

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More later. Be Well.

Edited to add that I do post on a bunch of message boards and from time to time I will reference them here. The first one (where I stole Kathiannes vid) is mostly conservative with enough liberals to make it worth reading.

This one is mostly liberal with a sprinkling of cons. I really like the format though. You have to propose a question and folks vote on it. If it is no good, it gets darwined and dies. Apparently my opening post was offensive to some and so an apology was in order. Check it out.

Later today or maybe tomorrow we will get into how to keep the dems in power.


  1. Hey too cool you've started your own blog! I've bookmarked and expect great things! Thanks for your service and Go Marines!

  2. Yes'm
    I'll try not to disappoint :)