Thursday, November 16, 2006

Law and Order Immigration Style

One of the biggest issues that the media has whipped up is the Immigration Issue. Now that the Democrats have the Congress they are on the hook to do something about it. So, how can they do something on Immigration to secure their position?
The first thing that has to happen is to recognize that Mr. and Mrs. Middle Class USA don’t really care about immigration. What they do care about is law and order. Most will connect the words illegal and immigrant and conclude that they are criminals. So, from a problem solving viewpoint, this is a law and order problem.The really big problem is that neither Republicans nor Democrats are in a hurry to honestly address the issue and the media won’t let it die. The question you should be asking your elected reps is: Why do we make laws we have no intention of enforcing? Why does the Federal Government allow subordinate legislatures (States and Local Municipalities) to openly declare that they will not follow or enforce the law? Mr. and Mrs. MCUSA don’t understand it either.The Democrat march to 08 needs to simply ensure that the existing law is enforced rigorously. Later, we can try to reform it so that it allows immigration without creating felons.


  1. I am more than a little torqued over the gov giving a pass to the dope dealer illegal, and sending the two Border Control agents to jail. We are really stuck on stupid on this thing. I don't understand why we cannot have secure borders and are wussing out on the whole issue.


  2. Like I said, the McUSA's simply don't care. It's an artificial construct by the media. Best way to take it back is to lobby the congress and demand a realistic change that addresses security first, and streamlining of immigrants next. Nice to see you again.