Monday, November 13, 2006

No Retreat and No Surrender

I think the biggest mistake that our boy GW made was in lumping the Iraqis in with the OBL's war on terror. The second biggest mistake was assigning multiple missions to the troops in Iraq. Finally, we tied our troops hands with restrictive rules of engagement.

In order for the Democrats to seize and hold the presidency in 08 they have to keep the nation safe. If there are no attacks on Americans anywhere in the world, then they win. But, realistically I hope no one is so foolish as to believe it. The bottom line is that if we exit Iraq immediately per some democrats, it doesn't mean the terrorists will quit.

Oh yeah. Iraq is legal. They invaded Kuwait. We expelled them and imposed a set of conditions. The first time they violated those conditions they forfeited the right to be autonomous. The political mistake was in all the WOT rhetoric. I would have simply laid the case and then laid waste. But, that is in the past and we need to fix the problem.

First solution is not to leave. Instead we continue to train the Iraqi forces and put them into action. As the front line Iraqis are trained up we begin to place them more and more into the front lines and assume a supporting role. All along the diplomats are working to get the factions to talk instead of kill each other.

Once our troops are out of (or severely reduced) in Iraq we need to remember that the war on terrorism will continue. You may wish to relabel it (War on weeley ticked off Jiahadinistas?) to make it palatable. But we will still have to fight it.

How? Well if I were the Congress and I wanted to influence the Executive, and win the Executive later down the road, I'd leave it alone. I'd tell the executive that it is his prerogative to apply foreign policy as he sees fit. But, every time something goes wrong... it would hit the headlines.

Wait, a lot of that is going on now isn't it? But it doesn't look like Congress will avoid meddling. So, they need to establish a rapid deployment force that can quickly move in and lay waste to terror bases. They need to create a network of assassins that can be placed in prominent locales to kill key personnel of the supporting establishment. Here's the thing. The war is against vermin. Don't feel pity for them or those who support them. Simply locate, close with, and destroy them. Put them down with the same efficiency as you would exterminate cockroaches.

IF you find a terror camp in Saudi Arabia. Target it with stealth bombers and cruise missiles. Have a Battalion of Marines on standby. Then call SA and give em 12 hours to excise the wound in thier own country. IF surveillance indicates that something was leaked, bomb it immediately. Then use the SA intel folks to deliver the leak.

Also Dems, don't try to criminalize terrorists. These are not gang bangers. While the average American isn't happy about being in Iraq, they really could care less about the terrorists. IF you focus on killing them (the terrorists) with as little fuss as possible you will garner more support from Mr. and Mrs. Middle Class USA. If you coddle them or set them free, you will lose support. It's as simple as that.

I personally think that an immediate pullout will embolden our enemies. Not the suicide bombers, but the ones who decide that there is a need to strap bombs on young men and kids. You know, the counterparts to what you call chickenhawks. Lets call 'em uh uh terrorist leaders. Well, I didn't get a good name, but y'all can do that. Or, if you really want substance over flash do us all a favor and just kill them. OK?

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