Saturday, July 12, 2008

Federal Regulation opposing RKBA

I stumbled across an NRA site concerning some Dept of the Interior regulations designed to limit your right to carry weapons in a National Park. I am not a member of the NRA as I don't tend to join single-issue groups unless I have drank and digested their kool aid. That is because any discussion not in line with the "official" line of the group tends to be attacked instead of logically discussed.

The website asked for public comments on the issue. IF you click the "read more" link you will see the websites involved and the comments I submitted. Your comments are always welcome.

Here is the [url=]NRA site[/url].
Here is the [url=]commentary site[/url].

Here is my comment submitted this morning. I am not the great communicator, so while comments are welcome, please be educational on how it could have been written more intelligently.


The 2nd Amendment of our Constitution is a self evident statement. The Supreme Court recently ruled definitively that it is an individual right. I find it atrocious that there are those who refuse to see the following:

First: Limitations on the possession, transportation, or personal bearing of arms only penalize those inclined to obey the law in the first place.

Second: When you deprive someone of the right to defend themselves you must assume the responsibility to protect them. In a National Park setting, you cannot guarantee the protection of each and every individual.

Third: Requiring justification to exercise a constitutional right is wrong. Rather, the state is obligated to justify the diminishing (infringement) of the right.

Finally, as a practical matter, regulations infringing on a persons right to keep and bear arms is only enforceable after the fact. Thus, the regulation is not preventative but is punitive in nature. Punitive regulations are the antithesis of a free society.

I strongly urge that these and other regulations be removed and future regulation defaults to freedom and liberty.

I remain respectfully,

PE Gwinn
MSgt USMC (ret)

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