Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tuesdays' TalkShows

Monday talk radio stinks on ice. It's a rehash of the Sunday Funnies TV shows. Tuesday is a good day since I tend to be on the road all day. Today was a good day. Here are three examples.

Alan Colmes is my favorite Liberal talk show host. He's got a sense of humor, and can get sarcastic with the best of them. Best of all, he rarely goes on a rant. I don't listen to him much since his time slot kicks my butt. Since today was a long day I got to listen in. For the record Alan: I agree with leaving Iraq if thier government requests it. I think the preacher was maligned by the papers and you didn't get the target you wanted. I agree with the guy who said there were some folks in Afghanistan that need killin. I don't sit in the armchair and do the qb thing either. It was a good show, but I would be interested in knowing why you think it's evil for the oil companies to make a profit. I just can't wrap my head around that philosophy.

For the next two of today's best, just click the read more link.

In the number two slot was Cam and Company. They are a wholly owned subsidiary of the NRA and are proud to say so. They coined a term I heard for the first time today. When Obama flips the flop, they say he "BarakSteps". I like that. They were focused on the new parking lot law in Florida. Personally I am not impressed. It took a legislature to all me to keep a gun in my car when it's on a parking lot? Yeah right. Apparently Florida doesn't fully comprehend "shall not be infringed". Neither does Disney for that matter.

Todays best offering comes from Mike Church. Rather than the stereotypical conservative pounding on the desk and blaming the "libs" for everything, he held school on the Constitution. Two experts, for over an hour, calmly discussing the Constitution and how it's been sidetracked by pols of both parties. Questions were thoughtful and the answers very interesting. Excellent show. I just wish that more Americans were interested in learning about the Constitution.

Great Job All.

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