Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Catching Up

   I am optimistic. Things will get better even if it is a slow road instead of a direct route. Now that the election is in the bag I am going to advocate for the basics again just to keep my Senators/Representative honest.

  •    No bailout
  •    Restructure the Regulatory System to be incentive driven. If we are going to regulate and throw money at things then we might as well make it graduated and pay the folks who get into compliance the quickest. The CAFE standards right now are unworkable from what I have read. Instead let's say to them.... The first company to show us a 40 mpg average SUV that is affordable to the average buyer gets a billion dollar bonus.
  •    Enact the fairtax. It is past time to blow up the outhouse and put indoor plumbing in place.
  •    Enact the Enumerated Powers Act. If you are going to stretch the Constitution, then at least put it into words in the front end of the law.
  •    Either enact a balanced budget amendment or a line item veto for the President.

Since windmills are all the rage, I will play the part of Don Quixote.

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