Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I have a question

In a continuing effort to provide resources to anyone wishing to get involved in politics, here is where you can ask questions of the Obama folks. The questions are voted up or down and the most popular are supposed to get an answer.

Since taxes are a pet peeve of mine. I posted the following: "Considering how COMPLEX the tax code is, considering the obvious corrupting influence it has on elected officials/special interests, considering the violations of taxpayer privacy by IRS DATA COLLECTION; Isn't it time to explore the FAIRTAX (hr 25)?"

It's in the economy section.

I strongly recommend that you go to Change.gov questions and sign in.

Vote for questions you think deserve an answer. I tend to vote down any question that implies an expansion of an already too big government.

Get going, Get involved.
C'ya next year.

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