Sunday, March 15, 2009

Presidential Update: Day 50

I almost titled this post "Hawaii Five Oh" since Mr. Obama is from Hawaii and he's been in office about fifty days. I am trying to remain upbeat and positive about his presidency but it is getting harder to do so.

For starters he has presided over the bailout. I know that GWB started it. But, nothing in the world requires the sitting pres to keep it going. It really seems to me that the true leader of the .gov is Nancy Pelosi. I mean, she is telling the Senate that they better not mess with certain bills.

Right now, HR45 AND HR25 are sitting in committee. I am afraid that 45 will pass and 25 will die in committee yet again. Right now we have a 410 Billion dollar Omnibus that is so pork laden that even the hogs are embarrassed. So much for draining the swamp eh?

Folks, I understand that stimulus is supposed to help. I get that the economy needs a shot in the arm. But let me ask you how you feel about saddling your kids and grandkids with debt. I would suggest that you check your congress critters closely. Our elected officials now have a free reign to tax, spend, and tax again without fear of Hawaii Five Oh's intervention. Think about that.

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