Saturday, July 24, 2010

Charly Rangel, LIndsay Lohan, & Three Mile Island

Lindsay Lohan v. Deaths in Middle East. Quick! How many service members died in the middle east today? How well was their lives profiled on the national media services? But is there any way you didn't know that Lindsay Lohan went to jail? What does that say about society and the media that feeds it?

Rep. Charles "Charly" Rangel won't step aside despite the ethics trial coming up. I don't mind a principled man fighting to save his name. I don't expect Mr. Rangel to actually resign. Instead I would have had him step aside from all of his duties (not just committees) and focus on the fight. Once vindicated, then he could resume his duties. The military does this all the time. I wonder why people in congress are somehow unable to follow a good example. Check these posts out for more thoughts on Congressional Ethics.

BP v. 3 Mile Island: Back in the day, Jimmy Carter faced an energy issue oriented year. We were talking about using more nuclear power to stave off dependence on foreign oil. But, with the incident at Three Mile Island, anti-nuclear activists derailed the dream. Fast forward to today with the BP incident adding to an already long list of petro-disasters. I wonder if we can swing the pendulum. Nuclear energy has a safety record to be envied if only the media would fairly report it.

Realistically speaking what we can do is:
Urge Rep. Rangel to step aside from all Congressional duties until the ethics trial is concluded.

Urge your elected officials to review the safety records of petro and nuclear energy production. Once they see that nuclear energy is a victim of bad PR and zealous activists ask them to support building more nuclear plants.

Remember that every day should be memorial day if only for a moment. Let Lindsay have her fifteen minutes, but give others the same time.

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