Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Lawsuit Against Arizona Moves On, Media Trying To Remain Relevent

And the punditry is in full swing. The Obama lawsuit should be heard in the fall and the media is lining up to tell the public in advance that the fed will win.

One article is pretty bold. They actually comment about the Arizona judge being under pressure to rule against the US.

“It’s very hard to predict what the district court is going to do,” says Legomsky, the John S. Lehmann University Professor. “Its decision will be made by just one randomly selected judge, and that judge will be an Arizona resident who might come under intense personal pressure to defend his or her state’s law against federal intervention.’’ -- source article

Our friends and neighbors over at the NY Daily are at least openly pro-lawsuit. While my high school journalism teacher would have edited out any hint of bias, standards in this day and age are not so high. The following excerpt is not in an opinion piece, but within the "News" column.

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration sued Arizona on Tuesday to kill, or at least stall, the state's hotly disputed new law allowing local cops to target suspected illegal immigrants. -- Source Article

I hope I am not the only one to notice the disinformation? I read the revised, signed, bill. The cops cannot target anyone. But, the spin is still out there and still being ladled out to anyone who won't do their own homework.

I personally don't care where you stand on the issue as long as it's your stand. The news media can be your first source, but don't let it be your only source. From what you read, take the time to do some research and then you can do a gut check with facts.

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